We have worked with NIMR (National Institute for Medical Research) in PPP4MHM project by developing a system(Mobile app and Dashboard) that will manage and monitor distribution of sanitary pads to school-aged girls across different schools in Tanzania.

The "Public Private Partnership for Menstrual Health Management (PPP4MHM)" is a project that aim to improve access to high quality disposable sanitary pads to school-aged girls across six rural/semi-urban secondary schools in Tanzania. The Glory Sanitary pads are made with bamboo fibre and are highly-absorbent, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and bio-degradable. The sanitary pads are provided free of cost to 5000 girls in the six schools for three months following which they will be provided at a discounted price available through school shops. The project also provides reproductive health education (focusing on puberty and menstruation) to boys and girls in the schools through 'Pamoja' school health clubs in order to destigmatize menstruation and advocate for improved sanitation infrastructure (hand wash facility, disposal mechanisms, and privacy).

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